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"I purchased Jack as a coming 2 year old from Alchemy Equine. To say that I’m a lucky horsewoman to have him as my partner is an understatement! Rachel taught him the ground manners and provided the exposures that I wish all young horses had. He leads, ties, loads, lunges, is great for the vet and farrier. Jack comes when called (sometimes at a full tilt gallop), has wonderful stall manners, is never pushy about grain, and loves people. I have no qualms about asking a non-horse person to hold or lead Jack because I am confident in his good behavior. His strong foundation training has allowed us to progress quickly and easily. If you want a partner who has a strong foundation, enjoys work, likes people and tries hard, I would not hesitate to work with Alchemy Equine. " Janice Galejs

"Great horsewoman! Has a special talent with mustangs but she's trained many types of horses beautifully. Rachel really understands, reads, and trains horses to showcase their best abilities" - Sam Van Fleet 


"I got a wonderful mustang from Rachel. She did a wonderful job with him..even my neighbor said if she got a youngin she would have Rachel start it he's so sweet and caring and is still growing, but thanks to Rachel he's easy going and very friendly, follows you around like a little puppy dog. He is my best friend - Abigail Tesson 

-A great, informative program and what beautiful mustangs!

-Great to watch how Rachel worked with the horses and to hear her approach to the training.

-It was truly amazing what Rachel accomplished in two months with her mustangs - Great program.

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