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Liberty Horsemanship

Starting with our ground-based Liberty horsemanship lessons, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and horsemanship mastery. Through a series of exercises and activities, you will learn how to communicate with your horse on a whole new level void of physical attachment. You will develop a deep understanding of their body language, psychology, and natural behaviors. This foundation of trust and respect will lay the groundwork for a lifelong partnership with your horse. 

As a Liberty Horsemanship student, you have the chance to showcase your skills and compete in virtual and in-person events organized by the ILHA. These competitions are a celebration of the incredible partnership between horse and rider, where creativity, precision, and harmony are rewarded. Whether you choose to compete virtually or in person, the ILHA provides a platform for you to showcase your unique bond with your horse and be recognized for your horsemanship skills.

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