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Dear Horse Enthusiast,

Welcome to Alchemy Equine, where the well-being and harmony of horses take center stage. Here, I am dedicated to providing exceptional care through my expertise in equine bodywork and liberty horsemanship, all aimed at enhancing performance and inspiring connection.

As an admirer of these magnificent creatures, I understand the profound bond between horses and their caretakers. My mission is to offer you a unique blend of professional services that cater to the individual needs of your equine companions, whether it's through the rejuvenating effects of equine massage or the art of liberty horsemanship.

Drawing inspiration from a range of respected methodologies and staying open to new insights and approaches in the field, I am dedicated to continuous learning and growth, ensuring that my practices are at the forefront of innovation in equine care. By staying informed about the latest developments and best practices through reviewing research, attending clinics, and participating in webinars, I strive to provide the highest standard of care for your equine companions. This commitment allows me to ensure the best possible care for your horses.

As a Certified Equine Massage Therapist through Bancroft School of Equine Massage and a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner, you can trust that your horses are in the hands of an expert and qualified professional. With a wealth of personal experience and a deep-rooted passion for horses, I have honed my skills in training, gentling, and bodywork, allowing me to provide the highest level of care for your cherished animals.

I invite you to explore my offerings and join me in nurturing the well-being and partnership with your equine companions. Welcome to a place where expert care meets unwavering passion for the majestic world of horses.


Minna laydown at Liberty
Magna Wave Certified Practitioner 2018
Bancroft School of Equine Massage 2018 
SUNY Morrisville 2008-2010 Equine Science  
Continuing Education 
Freely Forward Myofascial Release Course
Dr Jenny Hagen Clinic 
Balance Through Movement 
Rib Entrapment Webinar by BTMM
Advanced Taping Applications Course by Angel Animals 
Compensation Patterns by Schaeffer Bodywork
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