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Lesson topics include Liberty, body control on the ground, body control under saddle, and creating the balanced horse. Lessons run for approximately an hour. 

Liberty, the art of building a strong communication and bond with your horse to the point you can work together with subtle aids and no physical attachment.

Body control groundwork, foundational groundwork to prepare a horse for riding or strengthen bond and communication. 

Body control under saddle, solidifying communication with your horse with ridden exercises and shaping proper movement under saddle to ensure a healthier, longer career for your equine partner.


Creating the balanced horse, focuses on utilizing foundational work and exercises both on the ground and under saddle to help the horse develop balanced posture and symmetrical muscling.  This sets your athlete up for a longer career and sound future. 


Foundational ground training is available to prepare your horse for under saddle or to create a more balanced horse. A mix of classical dressage ground exercises, horsemanship ground exercises, riding dummy and long lining make up my program. There is an option to add body work into the training package!


The versatility, loyalty, and trainability of the American mustang is something I enjoy sharing. Informational liberty demos featuring mustangs Minna, Dixie, and Ruby are available. These girls are all previously feral and were randomly assigned to me for the Extreme Mustang Makeover  (2016,2017, & 2018). 


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