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The mission of Alchemy Equine is to enhance every horses life; mind, body, and soul. My belief is that a comfortable horse is a happy horse and a happy horse makes the best partner. 

What to Expect

Each horse is catered to as an individual regardless what service you are seeking. That means there's no cookie cutter bodywork or lesson plans. Each horse is assessed and a plan is formulated based on the horses needs and your goals. Equine massage, Magna Wave PEMF, Red Light, and Kinesiology taping are the means to enhancing your horses overall physical wellness.  Liberty and Tricks are the means to strengthening your bond and enriching your communication with your equine partner while adding in a splash of light hearted fun. 

Horse in Stable
Wild Horses
Magna Wave PEMF show service

Rachel Fleury 

Rachel has had a love for horses from a young age. She went on to study Equine Science at SUNY Morrisville with a focus on breaking and training. After college she pursued training horses and embarked on a journey of gentling feral mustangs. In 2018 she decided to further her equine education with a certification from Bancroft School of Massage for Equine Massage. Simultaneously she pursued a certification as a Magna Wave PEMF practitioner. Rachel enjoys learning and is continuously building on her skills. 

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